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by Kevin

Yesterday the team released an update that allows Outright to grab much more detailed information about transactions for those who get paid through PayPal.

Historically, Outright has been able to get the total transactions amounts, which would include not only the price of the item sold, but any shipping amounts collected, sales tax, even discounts that were offered.  The only information we were able to pull out separately were PayPal fees and shipping costs.  However, that has now changed – you can see all of the details of a transactions.  Not only will this help provide better insight into how your business is doing, it will make life a lot easier for those of you who collect sales tax through PayPal (see our recent blog post about improved sales tax tracking to see what you’ll now get.)

By getting more details from PayPal, the transaction views within Outright will change.  For example, here’s the way Outright has traditionally shown PayPal transactions in the Money In tab:

As you can see, the total amounts were shown, which is great for comparing against your PayPal statement, but misses important information like Shipping and Sales Tax collected.  Now see how the exact same order information is shown with the greater detail:

All new Outright customers who add a PayPal account going forward will get this extra detail and see this new view.

However, for existing customer to get this new level of detail, you will need to add one new “permission” setting within your PayPal account.  Instructions for doing this can be found in our help center.  It may take a little getting used to, seeing this extra information, but you can choose if and when to make the change.  We are also working on changes to Outright to let you see both the total and the details for each of these transactions, so stay tuned.

And as always, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you have, so we can keep making Outright better for you.

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