PayPal - Getting more details out settings/permissions - 6/3/2011

If you're an existing Outright user currently importing from PayPal, you'll need to make a small change to get more detailed transaction information. (Note: If you have not yet set up Paypal in Outright this will be automatically done for you when you set up your Paypal). Although there are a lot of steps, the process is actually quite quick; it's not very intuitive so the screen shots should help.  If you have any questions feel free to submit a support ticket.


1.  Login to your PayPal account at PayPal .com.
2.  From the Profile menu, choose "My Selling Tools."





3.  Select the "Update" to the right of the API Access listing.



4.  Click "Add or Edit API Permissions."


5. Click “Edit Third Party” listed next to Outright, Inc.  (aka:

NOTE: Only “Premier” or “Business” accounts have this option. If you have a “Personal” account you will only be able to View or Delete permissions. If you’d like to upgrade your account you can get more info here.



5.  Check the box next to “Obtain information about a single transaction”.  This allows Outright to see the detail level information about transactions. So rather than seeing a single “Sale” amount, we’d see all the pieces that make up that sale, such as separate item costs, shipping income, sales tax collected, PayPal fees, etc.



6.  Click Save.


All the detailed information from PayPal will show up in your account going forward - unfortunately we can't go backward.

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