Schedule C updates & Big Fixes - 2.15.2011


A. Schedule C improvements.

Taxes are confusing enough, the Schedule C doesn't need to add to it.  Now you can see which categories roll up to a given tax line on your Schedule C just by clicking to expand the line.


If something is rolling up to the wrong category you can Edit it right from this page.


B. Reports now contain only business related transactions.  For detailed information view the Help Desk article here:


C. Big Fixes

1. Only ten "Money to Collect" items will show on the Overview page with an option to "See All".  Too many of these items would cause the page to time-out.

2. The "View Categories" page no longer includes totals per category.  These amounts caused the page to load slowly and was duplicating information that can be found on the Reports / Your Spending or Reports / Types of Income reports.

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