Print Schedule C and Big Fixes - 1.31.2011

A. Schedule C

1. You can now view/print a PDF of your Schedule C for 2008, 2009 or 2010.  From the Taxes / Annual Taxes page, click the "View Schedule C" link.  You'll see the "Download Schedule C" link to the right of the tax year drop-down list.




B. Tax Help

1. Many people have been looking for a tax summary report; a profit and loss by category if you will.  We'll we've heard your requests and it's now available.  In fact, clicking the Taxes tab will take you directly to your Federal Tax Summary. This new report will show you your total Income and Expenses by category as well as your overall profit/loss.



2. You can now ask tax related questions and get an answer from an H&R Block tax professional.  From the Taxes / Annual Taxes page you'll see a search box to ask a question as well as  way to find the closest H&R Block office to your location.



C. Big Fixes

1. Duplicate bank accounts - you'll no longer get duplicate bank accounts created after re-entering your login information.  We still need to clean up the duplicates on your list, but it won't get any worse.  No ETA for the second half of this but we're working on it.

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