Finally! Receive an Email Alert of Answers

You remember that question you asked? You know, the one to which you really needed an answer about how to file your taxes. Wouldn't it have been smart of us to let you know when you got an answer?

As it was, you had to hang out on Outright; refreshing the topic until an answer was given.
Not the best experience.

Email me when this topic is updated

Last night we made a simple enhancement to the discussions on Outright; the option to receive an email alert when your question has been answered or a follow up, on a point you've made, has been added. Simply, subscribe to follow a topic.

When asking a question or providing an answer or point of view, you'll see a checkbox opting you in to receive the alert. If you don't want to follow a discussion, simply uncheck the box and we won't alert you of updates.

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