Invoicing - Reusable Items

We are proud to announce some wonderful new features to GoDaddy's Invoicing.  You can now quickly add your most used item/services via our Reusable Items dropdown*.  Simply click the description field and a drop down will appear. Scroll through the list, start typing to narrow your options, or create a new item by clicking Create Reusable Item. The $ rate is set when an item/service is created and the default quantity is set to 1.  The $ rate can be changed per invoice as necessary or permanently by editing via the Items tab.  Quantity defaults to 1 and can be adjusted per invoice, but will always default to 1.



You can manage your Items list by clicking the Items tab under Invoicing.  From here you can add, edit, or delete your Reusable Items/services.  




Lastly, curious what your top selling items are? Go to Reports and click on the Top Items Report to stay up to date on what items/services are doing the best.  You can view by various time frames (year, month, custom), as well as view what is paid, open, or a draft.  *Note this report can only show items/services that have been added to the list and will not work for the time prior to its release (10/28/14).  



*NOTE: Maximum number of Reusable Items is 1,200.

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