Where is the Money I Received Through Stripe or PayPal?

Where is the Money I Received Through Stripe or PayPal?

So you've received payment from your customer via Invoice or through the Mobile Application and are wondering where your cash is!?  Depending on the payment processor that was used, there are time-frames in which the payment processor will deposit the funds to your financial institution. Please see below for more info:


Funds collected via Stripe are placed in your Stripe.com account balance and are transferred out based on your Transfer Schedule with Stripe.  Stripe will wait seven days after your first successful charge before sending the first electronic transfer to your bank account.  After your first charge, most accounts are set up on a 2 business day rolling transfer schedule.  For more info on how to view/edit this, please see:



PayPal / PayPal Here

Funds collected using PayPal Here and PayPal are transferred to your PayPal account balance. For withdrawal options, please see below:


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