Under Time, you can create time entries to track your work for multiple clients. Click Add Time Entry to track time. 

You can select a client, or leave the client blank if you plan to enter a client at a later time. Enter Notes to describe the work you did. You can choose to set a Rate at later time, but you must enter Hours . Click the Billable box to denote if you want to bill your client for the time. Billable hours will be displayed when a client is selected on an invoice. See below for converting time entries to invoice items

Filtering by status

Available statuses are Unbillable, Unbilled, Billable, and Billed

  • Sort by Unbillable to see time entries that cannot be billed to a client.
  • Sort by Unbilled to see time entries that are Billable, but have not been added to an invoice.
  • Sort by Billable to see all of your time entries that can be billed to clients.
  • Sort by Billed to view time entries that have already been added to an invoice.

Converting time entries to invoice items 

From the Calendar or Time Entries view, click Create Invoice.


Select a client, and then select the hours to be added as invoice items. Selecting all hours will add every Unbilled time entry, or choose specific dates. Then, decide how you want your time entries to appear on your invoice:

Show each entry as a line item with notes


Show each entry as a line item without notes

Merge all time entries into multiple line items grouped by rate, without notes

When you’re all done, click Create Invoice to begin editing your invoice with time entries added.

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