Want to send your client an estimate of the cost and time involved for a project?

Start by navigating to the Estimates page, under the Invoices tab. Click Create Estimate to start your first estimate.


Your new estimate will have an Estimate Date, Delivery Date, and Expiration date.

Use the Estimate Date to indicate the day on which your estimate was sent to the client. This field defaults to the current day.

Use the Delivery Date to let your client know when you expect the project to be complete.

Finally, set an Expiration Date so that your client knows how long they have to accept your estimate.

Once your estimate is sent, click Create Invoice button to copy the information from your estimate into a new invoice.

*** Note - The Create Invoice button will not appear until the Estimate is in the 'Sent' status. You can set this status without actually sending the Estimate by using the More Actions button, then selecting Mark as Sent.

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