Getting Started With Invoicing

To get started with invoicing, please follow these instructions:

1) Before creating your first invoice, please enter in your pertinent company info. (Don't worry, this can be changed later)

2) If you entered a company website, click where it says "Pull logo from website," to grab your company logo directly from your website.

NOTE: This may not work for all websites. If it does not work, click where it says "Upload a Logo," to upload your company logo from a file saved on your computer.

3) Click where it says "Choose Template" to choose your invoice template.




4) From the following list of available templates, click on the on one that you would like to use. (Don't worry, this can be changed later)

5) Click "Create My Invoice" to create your first invoice using the template selected.





6) Enter in all of the pertinent client info. (Don't worry, this can be changed later)

7) Select the invoice number.

NOTE: invoice numbers will increment alphanumerically based on the previous invoice # used.

8) Select the invoice date.

9) Select the invoice due date. (The default is 21 days from the invoice date)

10) Add the appropriate invoice line item information. (Descriptions, Quantity, Rate, Discount, Taxable)

NOTE: Tax rate can be adjusted after selecting taxable.

NOTE: Line items can be deleted by click on the  "" symbol. 

11) Click "+ Add Expense" to enter in an expense to be billed to your client.

12) Add Invoice terms.

13) Add Client Notes. (Optional)

14) Click "Accept Online Payment" to allow clients to pay these invoices online.

NOTE: You can choose a different payment processor per invoice (except for Recurring Invoices)..

15) Once all of the info has been filled out, there are a few things that you can do with this invoice:

a] Save and send it to your client via email.

b] Save as a Draft. (No email will be sent to your client)

c] Preview this invoice to see how it will look to your client.

d] Download your invoice as a PDF and then print out a copy for your records.


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