Contact/Category Says "Needs Attention," What Does This Mean?

We are in the process of moving to a newer and higher performing version of the programming language used to build GoDaddy Bookkeeping. As part of the upgrade we will be updating our database to use the industry standard "collation" that better addresses the needs of our global customers.  

Note: The purpose of a collation for a character set is to provide a set of rules as to when strings are the same or when one sorts before the other.


What does this mean for us?

This update will include systemic performance improvements which means the app will perform better and faster.


What does this mean for you?

The database will not be able to distinguish between Contacts and Categories that are spelled with accents those who are not. For example: "Andre," "André" and "Ändre" will be evaluated as the same person and "Other expenses" and "Other éxpenses" will be evaluated as the same category. Since these names might indeed represent different contacts/categories, we will not automatically merge them together. Instead, we will append the words, "- Needs Attention" to the end of the contact or category name. This way you can decide  whether these are the same contacts/category but with different spellings of the names, or if they are indeed different contacts/categories. The "- Needs Attention" will be added to the newer contact names and the original contact will remain unchanged.





As always, your data will remain safe and secure throughout this change.


A couple things that are good to know...

1. If you find out that these contacts are indeed the same person, you can merge these contacts/categories together. Doing so will move all of the transactions under the merged contact/category name and as such, you can then delete the duplicate contact/category names from your account. For information about how to merge and delete contacts, please refer to the following articles:


For information about how to merge and delete contacts, please refer to the following articles:



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