Why Can't I Delete (or Edit) Some Categories?

You may have noticed that some Categories, like the one in the screenshot below, cannot be deleted or edited in GoDaddy Bookkeeping.   




There are a few excellent reasons for this:

  • Some Categories have been created by the Internal Revenue Service and align specifically with certain tax lines.  GoDaddy Bookkeeping believes it is best to maintain a permanent presence for these Categories since they are required by the IRS.
  • While one or more of these Categories may not pertain to your business specifically, GoDaddy Bookkeeping has made these Categories "sticky" so that nobody can accidentally delete them.  Not only does this protect users who need those Categories today, but it also protects users who will need those Categories in the future.
  • Finally, Categories that have transactions assigned to them cannot be deleted because GoDaddy Bookkeeping would not know what to do with all those transactions.  If you wish to delete a Category that has transactions in it, here are your options:
    1. You can "Merge" the Category into another.  This essentially "hides" the unwanted Category, but merges the transactions within it into another Category that is more to your liking.
    2. You can manually re-categorize all the transactions inside your unwanted Category, which essentially empties the Category (re-assigns all transactions to another Category).  Once the unwanted Category is empty, you then have the option to delete it again.


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