How to Edit Contacts

Contacts can be edited, deleted or created specifically for Income or Expenses. To do so, please follow these instructions:

1) Click on Manage to access your contacts. 

2) Click Contacts and this will bring you to your contacts page.

3) Find the Contact that you would like to edit or delete and click on it to edit the contact. Here you will see all of the contact information for this contact. You can edit any or all of the information right here.

4) To save your changes for this contact, Click Save to save the changes for this contact.

5) To delete this contact, Click Delete to delete this contact.




To delete one or multiple contacts check the associated checkbox to the left of the contact name. Once you have checked the contact(s) you want to delete click the "Delete" button above the contacts. Once you have clicked the "Delete" button you will be asked to confirm you deletion by clicking an orange "Delete" button. To select all contact you have the option to click to top-left checkbox below the "Edit" button. For more information regarding deleting contacts, please refer to the following article:

Special Note: Contacts cannot not be deleted if there are transactions applied to them. If you attempt to deleted a contact with transactions associated with it, you'll receive an error that states, "Cannot delete a vendor that has transactions". 


If you are looking to merge contacts we have an existing article that will walk you through this. Please see the below article link to be taken to that article.

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