How do I find my contractors?

1/31 is the deadline for submitting 1099’s to the IRS on behalf of contractors you paid last year.  You can find this information in a few spots…


1.  Go to the Reports / Top Vendors report and View By section to the appropriate date range and view type (For Example: Monthly, Yearly, etc) to see who you spent the most money with last year.  Clicking on the name of the vendor / contractor in the legend will take you a list of all transactions related to that particular  person/company.




2. On the "Expenses" tab and in the "All Payees" field you can filter by vendor, select the name of one of your contractors.  This will take you directly to a list of transactions for that person/company – but will not have a total amount available.





3. On the "Expenses" tab and you can filter by "All Categories"  drop-down field, choose “Contractors and Freelancers”, then press the "Filter" button.  This will show you a list of all transactions related to contractors… but again, no totals.




4. Click on your Manage and then select Contacts, here you can see the number of transactions listed next to a particular person/company.




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