Managing UPS shipping transactions from PayPal

UPS expenses are a little tricky because each one comes in with a different name. We know this isn't ideal but for now, it's the way Paypal sends us the data so we've come up with the following workaround. It's a two step process but should be rather easy once you do it.


Merge the various UPS contacts into one:

1. Click on your 'Company Name'

2. Go to "Contacts"

3. Type UPS into the search filter

Click "Edit Multiple" button and check all UPS boxes

Type in a name such as "UPS"

Click "Merge"

Now all these transactions will merge into one called "UPS"


Categorize the transactions correctly:

1. From the Expenses page, click "Uncategorized" 

2. Search for transactions with "UPS"

2. Click on a UPS transactions and change the category to "Shipping Costs"

3. You should receive a popup box asking you if you want to change all

4. Choose "yes" and all the transactions should be saved.


Unfortunately, you'll end up having to do this every time a new UPS shipping comes in, but at least it will be much easier to correct just a few at a time. 

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