How Do I Delete a Category?

How do I delete a category? 

  • Click on the briefcase at the top of your page
  • Click on "Business Categories"
  • In the upper left corner of this screen you will see two buttons: "Income" and "Expense"
  • You can navigate between those two ledgers to find the categories associated with each one


In this screenshot, I have chosen to delete an Expense Category I created but do not need.




Here's how to delete the category:

  • Hover your pointer over the category
  • The category will be highlighted in a pale yellow color and the options to either "Delete" or "Edit" the category will appear
  • Click on the blue "X" button which looks like this: Screen_Shot_2013-04-23_at_12.36.27_PM.png
  • You will be prompted to authorize this action
  • Go ahead and click "OK"
  • The category will disappear
For reasons why you cannot delete some categories, please refer here:
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