How Do I Clean-Up (Merge) Contacts?

GoDaddy Bookkeeping can handle a lot of data, and sometimes duplicates pop up.  Maybe you have many different entries for USPS or Starbucks. You can merge multiple contacts, that are all similar, together to "clean up" your account and keep things nice and tidy. 

Here's how:

To merge contacts, navigate to your contacts page and follow these instructions:

1) Click "Edit Multiple."

2) A Blue Box will pop up with some additional information.




3) Check the boxes to the left of all of the contacts that you would like to merge.

4) After you've checked at least one box, you will notice that the information in the blue box will change. Find the "Name" field and enter in the contact name that you would like to merge these checked contacts into.

5) Click "Merge," and the page will refresh.





Merging contacts is especially useful when you want to use the multi-edit categorization feature to change the "category" of many transactions at once.  For example, if all of the USPS transactions came in as "Not Sure", it would now be very easy to switch them all to "Shipping Cost" for the category by using the filter field on the Income or Expenses tab. 


NOTE: You can ONLY delete contacts that have "0" transaction beside it. 

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