Can two or more users interface with the same GoDaddy Bookkeeping account at the same time?

Your business may have multiple users (spouse, employee, bookkeeper, accountant, etc.) who may need to access GoDaddy Bookkeeping at the same time, whether side-by-side or remotely.  In these cases, it is natural to ask two important questions:


Question #1: Does GoDaddy Bookkeeping support multiple users in the same account at the same time?

Answer: Yes. GoDaddy Bookkeeping allows multiple users to access, navigate through, and edit the same account at the same time. 


Question #2: Do the actions performed by one user interfere with the actions performed by the other?  

Answer: No.  Two or more users can edit (for example: add manual transactions) the same account at the same time without interfering with the actions performed by another user.  


This is particularly handy if, for example, you have two users and a long list of both Sales & Expenses that you want to add manually.  One person can tackle all the Sales while the other tackles all the Expenses at the same time.  Working together, you can achieve your goal in half the time and GoDaddy Bookkeeping will track all these transactions just as well as if you had added them by yourself, one transaction at a time.


Please note:

Multiple users of a single GoDaddy Bookkeeping account would access the account using your login credentials: email address and password.  All users will have the same access rights and permissions.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping does not support unique login credentials for multiple users of the same account, nor is it possible to define or restrict another user's access to any areas or features of your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account.

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