Canceling your account

Before you remove your account, you can use the following link to download all of your transactions to a file, which you can take with you to view in your favorite spreadsheet program. Just click here. 


For eBay billing:

  1. Log into eBay apps:
  2. Go to My eBay.
  3. Place your pointer over the Applications tab, and then click the Manage applications link to see a list of all the applications you're subscribed to.
  4. Click the Other actions link, and then select Unsubscribe.

 There is no "undo" once you unsubscribe.   

***Keep in mind that eBay does not offer pro-rated refunds. Your subscription will remain active until your subscription period ends.  This means if you signed up for an annual subscription and cancel after 1 month, you will continue to have access to the GoDaddy Bookkeeping Paid account for 11 more months.  After the year is complete, your GoDaddy Bookkeeping subscription will be canceled and you will not be billed.***


For billing:

To cancel your account, follow the instructions here:


Please note: At GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you own your data. We will never delete your data without asking, and we don’t keep your data after you cancel your account. Canceling your account permanently deletes your data, so we leave that choice up to you.  Remember that canceling your account will completely remove your data from our system, and it will not be available to you come tax time next year. This deletion cannot be "undone."  






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