What kind of currency does GoDaddy Bookkeeping support? Is it for US only?

Right now, GoDaddy Bookkeeping is mostly for use by US residents; it's compatible for those who must file US tax returns, and who use the US dollar as currency. 

GoDaddy Bookkeeping generates Schedule C tax forms which are useful for single-person business owners in the US, but it can also easily print income and expense reports that would be useful for users outside the US:  Profit & Loss Reports, "Your Spending", "Biggest Vendors".

You may track income and expenses in a handful of different currencies by making sure that the country code is entered correctly into your "Profile" field.  This tracking is done by currency symbol only.  Countries whose currency symbols will show up are:  Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Thailand. 

Please note that we don't do currency conversion at this time.

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