Mobile App: How to Send, Track, and Add A Payment to Invoices



To send, track, or add a payment to Invoices in the Mobile app, please follow these directions:

1) From your sidebar, navigate to your "Invoices" page.

2) Select the invoice you would like to update from the list of invoices.

3) From within the invoice, click "actions" to see the available actions for this invoice.


From here you can:


4) Delete the invoice

5) Email the invoice

a) The default contact for this client will show automatically on your list.

b) or you can select to add a contact from your phone's contact list.

c) You can also opt to send yourself a copy of this email.

d) Add an invoice message.

e) and you can attache a PDF copy of your invoice to this email. (Not advised if you prefer online payments or tracking invoice opens)


6) Add a payment to the invoice

a) You can either link a payment from your list of income transactions.

b) or your can manually enter receipt of a payment.

7) Void the invoice

8) Go back to the invoice



PLEASE NOTE: Only paid users will have access to the invoicing features. In order to take advantage of these features, please upgrade your account to either our monthly or annual plan HERE.


As always, we suggest that all users update their version of the mobile app to the most recent version so that you can take advantage of all of our new and exciting features. So keep an eye on our announcements page for future mobile updates. You can find the most recent update located HERE.

And, thanks to all the vocal Android users, we know you'd like an app too. We plan to have an Android app in the future, but unfortunately we do not currently have an ETA. If you'd like to tell us how you'd use the app, please take our survey.

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