Mobile App: eBay Apps Users: How Login to The Mobile App

If you are an eBay Apps user and you would like to access your bookkeeping account via our mobile app, please note that you cannot log in to the mobile app with your eBay user ID and password. You will first need to assign a password to your account within GoDaddy Bookkeeping in order to use the mobile app. If you've already assigned a password, simply download the mobile app and login with the email and password assigned to your bookkeeping account. 


If you have not yet assigned a password to your account, not to worry. Just log in to your account through eBay, click MANAGE and then the Profile Settings tab and enter and confirm the password under the Email and password section on that page and click Save. You will then be able to access all of your GoDaddy Bookkeeping data via our mobile app using the email address listed on that page and the password you entered.


NOTE: The mobile app is currently only available for iPhone and Android users.

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