Mobile App: How to Use Charts?

To access your "Profit/Loss Chart" in the Mobile app, please follow these directions:


1) Click on chart logo as shown here: "" from your Income or Expense page to navigate to your Income or Expense Chart.



2) From your Charts page you can pick one of the following three Charts.

  • Yearly (current year) This is the default view and will pop up immediately when navigating to your Charts page.
  • Quarterly (current quarter). To get to this view, depending on the current quarter, click on where it says "Q1," "Q2," "Q3," or "Q4."
  • Monthly (by current year). To get to this view, click on the name of the current month.



In the center of the donut chart, you will see your "Gross Income/Expense" depending on which chart you are viewing. You can click on any specific category on the list or any color on the chart and the total in the center will change to that categories' total. If you click on any "slice" that does not show a percentage (%), that category "slice" will be highlighted and the percentage (%) will be shown. Please refer to the screenshot below:




NOTE: Each type of chart only shows only the current time period.

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