Mobile App: How to Add Accounts


To add an account in the mobile app, follow these directions:

1) Click "Accounts" to be directed to your account screen.



2a) Here you will see all of the accounts and account balances for any accounts currently linked to your Outright account.

2b) To add an account click the "+" icon as shown here:



3a) If you would like to add an eCommerce solution, you can select one from our list of most popular eCommerce sites.

3b) If you would like to add a Bank, you can select one from our list of our most popular banks.

3c) If the account that you would like to add does not show up on our list, type in the name of the account that you would like to add into the search box.

If the bank or eCommerce solution that you would like to add still isn't coming up, feel free to Submit a Ticket HERE. (Please make sure to include the bank name, account type and URL that you use to login and we'll gladly help you out. (EG- Chase, Business, Checking Account,



4) After you've selected the account that you would like to add, enter in your log in credentials.

5) Click "Authorize Account" and your account will be added to your Outright account. Please keep in mind that this process can take a few minutes to complete.




NOTE: If you are unable to successfully add your account, please check to make sure that you have a sufficient WIFI, 3G or 4G signal. If you do not, please try again when you are able to get a stronger signal.


As always, we suggest that all users update their version of our mobile app to the most recent version so that you can take advantage of all of our new and exciting features. So keep an eye on our announcements page for future mobile updates.

And, thanks to all the vocal Android users, we know you'd like an app too. We plan to have an Android app in the future, but unfortunately we do not currently have an ETA. If you'd like to tell us how you'd use the app, please take our survey.

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