Upgrading Your Linked eBay Account and Linking PayPal

Who is affected?

Only those who still have "old" eBay importers will be affected. You'll know you are using the old version if both your eBay income and eBay expenses show up when you click "Other Transactions" (under "Money I have" on the left side of the Overview page).

If you have "PayPal" listed under "Money I Have" and "eBay Seller Account" under "Money I Owe" (shown below), you are already using the new version of eBay with PayPal and nothing will change. 



Why the change?

We're upgrading the link between your eBay account and GoDaddy Bookkeeping so it will import your data faster.

What will change?

The eBay account will now be used to pull in all of your eBay fees.  Listing fees, picture fees, store fees, etc.  We'll now be using your PayPal account to get  your eBay sales transactions as well as PayPal fees and other expenses processed through PayPal.

What do you need to do?

We'll do the work for you! Your account will be upgraded automatically on 2/18/2013.

Starting 2/19:

  • Login to GoDaddy Bookkeeping
  • You will be directed to a screen asking you to Link PayPal.
  • Follow the steps to give GoDaddy Bookkeeping permission to pull your latest transactions.

If you still have questions:

  • Feel free to contact our customer care team by using the "submit request" button above.

A few details:

  • If you don't accept PayPal for your listings  (and won't see your sales there), you can download your sales and import them into GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Go to Selling Manager > Sold Listings, then search on listings with status "Paid & shipped," set a time period (like do this each month), and then download those sales. You can read about importing into GoDaddy Bookkeeping in this article.
  • The transactions imported through the old eBay importer (those dated prior to 2/18/2013) will show on the Income and Expense tabs. To see the "Account view" of these transactions, click "Other Transactions" on the left side of your Overview page.
  • Your new eBay account will show only the selling fees.
  • By linking your PayPal account you'll see your sales income, shipping income, and shipping expense (if you use eBay shipping). It will also pick up other business expenses paid for using your PayPal account.
  • If you have non-business expenses/spending in your PayPal account, you can recategorize those using 'HIDE' category or 'Personal Expense.' They'll be removed from your business reports and tax prep reports.
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