Why do I have both Sales and eBay Sales categories?

A long time ago, in an Income tab far, far away, our original eBay importer was responsible for importing all of your information from eBay, including sales.

 In July of 2011, we introduced the eBay V2 importer, which paired with PayPal to give you a more complete picture of your data. The new eBay importer only imports fee information, leaving PayPal to import everything else with greater detail (including sales).

 So, those of you who had the original eBay importer may notice a category in your account labeled ‘eBay Sales.’ The eBay Sales category is a leftover from the original version of our eBay importer.


If you would like to change all your transactions to show as sales, you can find the information below on how to do this. Please note, these will both end up on the same part of your schedule C, so it is not necessary to make this change.


To Change eBay Sales to Sales:  

1. Go to “Income”
2. Click on the “Show all Categories”
3. Scroll down to “eBay Sales” and then click
4. Now, you will want to change the category for all to “Sales.” You can find more information on editing categories here: Multi-Edit

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