PayPal accounts missing sections of data

By default, PayPal should import data from the beginning of last year.  If you've noticed that your PayPal account didn't import all of your data on the first try, we'd be happy to help.  

There are a couple of situations however...

A.  If the start date for your PayPal data is not the beginning of last year, let us know that.  We're working with PayPal to resolve.

B.  If the start date is correct, but you have sections of missing data somewhere in the middle, we can try the import for you again. Just send us a request (use the button above) with the following information:

1. the email address you use to access your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account (or eBay userid if you go through eBay)

2. a general description of the time period with missing transactions

3. the date you'd like your PayPal transactions to start (usually the beginning of the year)

This will only work if you're missing large sections of data (weeks/months), not just one or two transactions here or there. We can look into that for you as well, but it would be handled differently.

Important:  If you've manually entered any of the missing PayPal transactions, you'll likely end up with a duplicate after we re-run the import.  Please keep this in mind before asking us to re-try.


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