Overlapping Data When Upgrading From eBay to eBay+PayPal

Now that you can import data from both eBay and PayPal into the same GoDaddy Bookkeeping account, you no longer have to worry about manually adding shipping costs or not being able to see the big picture view of your business. With the new upgrade all the information you need from these two sources will be conveniently located all in one place - GoDaddy Bookkeeping!

Though we hope that everything will go completely smoothly during the upgrade, we are working with two separate systems so there's always the possibility we'll run into something unexpected. A couple of things you might want to be on the look out for are: 

1. Missing Transactions
In order to make the upgrade happen, we have to stop your current eBay import for a short time and then start the new eBay version. This means that there is a very slim chance some of your fees might be lost during this time. These missing transactions should only be on or right around the day that you upgrade. It's also possible there might be missing sales because of the lag time between when PayPal receives information and when eBay records the same information.

The best way to quickly fix this is to enter the missing data manually. For more information on adding data manually go here: How do I manually enter transactions  

2. Duplicate Transactions 
It's possible that if eBay has already sent the information, but PayPal has not yet received it when the upgrade happens, then PayPal will also import the same transaction later when they finally receive it.

The best way to deal with duplicate entries is to delete the unwanted entry. It is best to delete the duplicate fee information from the PayPal importer but anything else we'd recommend removing the eBay transaction rather than the one from PayPal. You can find out the source of a transaction by clicking on the transaction you want to see. 
You can see an example of a duplicate transaction below. Note that the source is circled in red: 
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