"eBay Seller Account" Listed Under "Money I Owe"

Another added feature included with the eBay+PayPal upgrade is the addition of the "eBay Seller Account" now listed under "Money I Owe."  This is where you can see the total amount of money you currently owe to eBay as well as access a list of all the eBay fees recorded.

Here are a couple of useful tips related to this new "eBay Seller Account" listing: 


1. What the number means
The number you see next to the eBay Seller Account link is the total amount of fees owed to eBay. This balance is brought in directly from eBay and will update automatically once daily when your new transactions are imported.

2. You can click on the eBay Seller Account link to see all your fees for eBay
NOTE: this will only include fees that started with your new version. Each fee will be a separate transaction in GoDaddy Bookkeeping, so you might have several fees associated with the same eBay item. 
3. Payment transfer from PayPal
When you pay your fees, you will see a payment from your PayPal account. Think of it as similar to a Credit Card Balance. (To learn more about Credit Card transfers see this article: Credit Card Payments.) Once the balance is paid, your eBay Seller Account balance will be updated accordingly.
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