Upgrading to PayPal + eBay

We are excited to announce that GoDaddy Bookkeeping now has the ability to pull your business data from both PayPal and eBay at the same time. 

This is a new "Opt In" feature that we hope you'll take advantage of today!

Historically, you could connect to only one of the two --  PayPal or eBay -- because of the overwhelming amount of duplicate data.   Depending on which of the two you imported from, you are used to seeing only certain data.

Now, however, any account that has both added will get the following info from each:  

From eBay:

eBay Fees

From PayPal:


Shipping Income

Shipping Costs

Sales Tax Collected

PayPal Fees


The upgraded version of GoDaddy Bookkeeping is forward-facing; that is, everything going forward will be coming in new and fresh.  We won't go back in time and change any data you might have edited or categorized previously; we'll just make sure everything comes in starting the day you upgrade.

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