I can't get PayPal added to my account! What's wrong?

People run into trouble getting PayPal added to their GoDaddy Bookkeeping account. Sometimes this can be due to 2 common reasons:

  1. Your cache and cookies need to be cleaned out.
  2. Your PayPal account has not yet been verified.

The first small fix is simply going in and cleaning out the "cobwebs" in your web browser -- your cache, cookies and browsing history.  These data cobwebs can sometimes make your browser run slow and can prevent you from getting PayPal added.

If you're using Internet Explorer:

1.  Type Alt+X

2.  Select "Internet Options"

3.  Select "Delete" under the "Browsing History"


4.  Make sure that "Temporary Internet Files" "Cookies" and "History" are checked in the popup window before clicking "Delete."


If you're using Firefox:



and the following box will appear, you can quickly clean things up by clicking "Clear Now" --



If you're using Chrome:

1.  Find the "wrench" in the upper right corner of the browser.

2.  Select "Options" 

3.  Go to "Under the Hood", and click "Clear browsing data"


If you're using Safari:

1.  Type COMMAND + , (as in the comma)

2.  Select "Privacy" 

3.  Select "Remove Website Data"

Once you've cleaned out these cobwebs, go to:  http://apps.ebay.com  (you'll probably need to log into eBay again) to launch GoDaddy Bookkeeping; you can resume the process, but this time, you'll be able to get PayPal to link successfully.

PayPal Unverified

The second reason PayPal might have difficulty getting added might be because the PayPal account has not yet been verified. Please refer to this PayPal site about the verification process:


It may take a few days for GoDaddy Bookkeeping to recognize this change to your Paypal account. A few days after the verification process, try re-adding your PayPal account again. It may also help if you have at least one transaction in your PayPal account before you try to link it.


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