What is a QFX file?

What is a QFX file?


QFX is a file format that was originally created to support the upload of transactions into programs like Quickbooks® and Quicken® (also referred to as WEB Connect®). Since many financial institutions save your transactions in this format, we created a way for you to upload them into GoDaddy Bookkeeping too!



Why would I want to upload a QFX into my account?


When you first link a bank account, the amount of data available during the initial download is limited by the bank. Unfortunately most banks only provide 30-90 days of historical data. You can back fill the data that wasn’t automatically imported by uploading a QFX file from your bank. So let’s say you linked an account in October; we’d likely only get (at best) transactions up to July. With QFX, you have an easy way to fill in data for the preceding months in the year, giving you a far better view into your business finances. You may also consider QFX if your bank is unsupported for automatic import.


How do I upload a QFX file into my GoDaddy Bookkeeping account?


First, you’ll need to download the QFX file from your financial institution. Instructions are normally available on your bank website. General instructions can be found here. Once you've downloaded the transactions, simply import them into your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account.



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