Getting More Amazon Data

Here's how to get more data from your Amazon account. 


 **Note, Amazon has limits on how much data we are allowed to import per per minute/hour and day, so depending upon your volume we would suggest requesting 1-2 reports, letting them import into your account, and then requesting more reports.  There are a variety of reports available, we can only pull in Amazon's standard "Settlement" report and not customized reports.


Log into your Amazon Seller account and click on Reports.


 Click on All Statements.




Once the statements page comes up, find the desired statements you want uploaded and click Request Report (Red arrow).  We can not not import reports that are "Not Available (open).



You must request reports as we can only import settlement reports that read "Download..."  Amazon keeps Settlement Reports that have been generated for 90 days, so any older data will need to be re-requested.  


Once you request the report(s) they should be automatically imported into Go Daddy Bookkeeping with the next update.

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