Linked accounts - Who/What/How much

GoDaddy Bookkeeping imports from a variety of partners, and keeping track of who imports what and from when can get confusing, so listed below is a quick and simple cheat sheet to look at and know what to expect.

   Historical  Income  Sales-Tax   Shipping  Expenses  Fees  Other


90 Days

Sales Transactions/

Item Details

Sales Tax Collected Shipping Income None Amazon Fees (Pay per click charges are NOT included) None

eBay Managed Payments

 From the beginning of last year (Income)

90 days (fees)


Item Details

Sales Tax Collected Shipping Income Shipping Costs Detailed None

 eBay (legacy)

90 Days None None None None Detailed None


90 Days None None None None Detailed None

 Etsy Direct

From the beginning of last year

Sales Sales Tax Collected Income None




From the beginning of last year


Item Details

Sales Tax


Shipping Income/

Shipping Expenses

(Paid via PayPal)

Purchases Made via


PayPal Fees by Transaction

Payments to Other Accounts

(made via PayPal)


Up to 90 Days

Transaction History

Deposited to Bank

via Etsy Direct Connect/ Mobile Card Readers (Square,PayPal here)

None Shipping Expenses Paid via Bank Account Made via Bank Account Paid via Bank Account None
 Credit-Cards  90 Days Transaction History None None Paid via Credit Card Made Via Credit Card Paid Via Credit Card None
 Harvest A Year None None None None None A years Worth of Invoices
 Freshbooks A Year Input into FreshBooks None None Input Into FreshBooks None A Years Worth of Invoices
 Shoeboxed A Year None None None Input Into ShoeBoxed None


Stripe  1 year  Sales* (we bring in "completed" transactions not "pending" so there may be a few days lag)

*USD Transactions only
None None None Stripe Processing Fees None
Dwolla  1 year Sales None None None Dwolla Fees None

Etsy & eBay

90 days worth of detailed fee information.

Only U.S. region eBay Managed Payments stores are able to be linked.


PayPal will import data going back to the beginning of the previous year.  Sales, shipping, sales tax, customer shipping information, and PayPal fees all are imported from PayPal.  This is where we get the majority of our sales data.

* Invoices made through PayPal will not import the different parts of that transaction (i.e. Sales Tax Collected, Shipping Income, etc.) but rather just the whole amount of that invoice

* PayPal Here transactions will only include the sale as a lump sum and the PayPal fee(s). Sales Tax transactions will not be split from the sale transaction. 


We will pull data from Amazon Reports that have settled.  Amazon reports are usually available for 90 days once they have settled.  You can expect to receive sales and fees from Amazon.  Click Here to learn how to get more Amazon data.


30-90 days worth of data from banks.  The amount of data imported is determined by the banking institution and not GoDaddy Bookkeeping, we'd love to get more. 

Credit cards

30-90 days worth of expenses only


GoDaddy Bookkeeping pulls in a years worth of expenses and receipts.


A years worth of income, expenses, and invoices.


You can expect to get a years worth income and invoices(we only import invoices, nothing else at the moment).


NOTE: We no longer integrate Expensify, sorry for the trouble.


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