Amazon: Missing Most-Recent Transactions From Amazon

If you have correctly linked an Amazon account to import automatically, have pulled transactions previously, but are missing some of your most recent transactions, it may be because they belong to a Settlement Report date range that has not yet been released, or you are a Marketplace Seller & must manually reguest your reports after each settlement.

You can verify this is the cause of the problem by logging on to your Amazon Seller Central account, clicking Reports->Payments->Past Settlements. Take a look at the date ranges that have been released.  If the report period does not show "Download ... File" you will need to "Request Report."  Once the file has been downloaded it will show as available for download, now if you go back to GoDaddy Bookkeeping and click Update the data should come in. 




Ranges available to Outright are circled in green. Ranges unavailable are circled in red.


Different types of sellers may have different frequency of report periods, from every two weeks to once a month. Others may need to wait until the report period becomes available and then request the reports.




If no data has ever been pulled from Amazon to your Outright account you will be able to find help HERE.

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