Downloading Amazon data for CSV upload

Amazon currently gives sellers a choice of 2 different main seller account screens.

- If you're using the "old" main seller account screen, find the "Get Paid" section, and click on "View Your Payments Account."


- If you're using the new main seller account screen, click on the "REPORTS" tab along the top of the screen; and then click "Payments."

Then you can follow these procedures whether you use the old seller screen or the new one:

- Click on the "Transactions" link.

- Look at the text box to the right of "View by filter:" and make sure it says "All transaction types."

- To the right of the "Within:" prompt, click on "Custom date range."

- At the "From:" and "To:" prompts, type in the dates you want the download to include. (For example, for all of tax year 2011, specify 1/1/11 - 12/31/11.)

***Note: Amazon only allows 600 transactions to be downloaded per file at which point it simply cuts any transactions over that limit off. Because of this you may need to split up your transactions over smaller date ranges and multiple files in order to stay under this limit and not lose data.

- Then click the yellow "Update" button. A list of your transactions will be displayed with various columns of detailed information. (Check the beginning and end of your file to see if all of your transactions have downloaded.)

- Next click on the "Date" column heading. (Doing this will sort the entire file so that the earliest date appears at the top of the list.).

- Look for the "Download" button at the far right and click that. If prompted, pick "Save File" and click the "OK" button. (Your downloaded report should appear in the Downloads folder on your computer with a name something like Report1.txt.)

You have now successfully downloaded the file. The next step is to upload the file to GoDaddy Bookkeeping.

-Although the downloaded file contains all of the necessary data, it will have to be formatted in a specific way before being uploaded into GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Steps to the format and upload process can be found HERE .



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