How Often Does GoDaddy Bookkeeping Synchronize With My Bank?

There are a few very important facts to know about updating Accounts within GoDaddy Bookkeeping.

It is important to note and understand that we do NOT have a live connection with your bank. So there are only a few ways for your accounts to be updated with the most current information, balances and transactions.

Accounts should:

  • Auto-update every 24-48 hours.
  • Update when you click the "Refresh" or "Refresh All" buttons.


 The only way to ensure that the most current transactions are displayed and accounted for is to click the "Refresh" or "Refresh All" buttons.




Additional Information:

  • In order to have GoDaddy Bookkeeping pull continually from your bank, you'll need to be sure to log into your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account at least once every 60 days.  If you go more than 60 days without logging into your account, we can't guarantee that you'll be getting all of the data from your bank.
  •  If you notice a large gap in the history of your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account, it's almost certainly because your account went inactive and we stopped importing your data for a period of time after you didn't log in.   The easiest way to avoid losing your old data is to make sure that you log into your account at least once every 60 days. 
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