How to Get My Bank Added to GoDaddy Bookkeeping?

When you're getting set up on GoDaddy Bookkeeping, one of things you're prompted to do is add your bank or credit card account.  Once you start typing in the "Add an Account" box, the name of your bank should appear . . . if it's one of the banks that we support! 





But If it's not there, what should you do? 

We use the leading account aggregation provider in the industry, Yodlee, to facilitate automatic imports into GoDaddy Bookkeeping. We rely on them to support the different banks / credit unions of our customers.  If you would like us to submit your bank for consideration, send us a message with the following details and we'll forward your request:

Site name- (example- Chase)
Home page- (example-
Login URL- (example-
Container- (example- banking for checking, savings, MM account type). Other containers are credit card, loan, mortgage, investment, biller/utility, rewards.

In the meantime, please try adding your bank data to GoDaddy Bookkeeping via QFX import

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