Reports - Customize Dates

GoDaddy Bookkeeping has a variety of reports for you to use, with a variety of views.  Some of the views available are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.  Go to the REPORTS page in GoDaddy Bookkeeping to get started.


Profit & Loss

Our most popular report.  This report can be be a viewed a couple of different ways.

You can view:

Daily - and see a 7 day period ending with the chosen day. 

Weekly (ending on a Saturday) - see the chosen week plus the previous 5 weeks

Monthly - see the chosen month and the previous 11

Quarterly - See the chosen quarter plus the previous 3

Yearly - see how the current year stacks up against the previous 3

 Custom - Select the time frame you wish to view and how you what that time frame grouped

Knowing how these views work, allows for a bit of customization with a bit of creativity.  Say you want to view your sales for June 7th through June 17th.  simply choose the daily view and pick "From" June 7 20**  "To" June 17 20**.  


Sales By State, Income, Expense, and Invoicing Reports

These report are extremely flexible, and can be tailored to your desired view.  To tailor the view simply adjust the fields and click Filter/Update.  

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