View your P&L for Year-to-Date!

Now here by popular demand, GoDaddy Bookkeeping is featuring the year-to-date summary of your Profit and Loss on the "Overview" page.  If you've ever had any questions about what this number means or where the heck it's coming from, now you'll be able to see at a glance!   This number matches the number you're used to seeing at the top of your screen; it includes the monthly summary of your business income and expenses for the year. 


For a more detailed breakdown of your income and expenses for the most recent six months, click on any of the bars on the chart, or click  "View details" at the top right of the chart.  From there, you can view the bar chart, or numbers view by clicking "Table" at the top right.

Please take note that the P&L report won't contain anything categorized as "Personal Income," "Personal Expense," "Transfer In," "Transfer Out," or "Credit Card Payment" or any other non-business impacting transactions.    The preceding categories may affect your company's Balance Sheet, but they don't affect the P&L and are therefore excluded. 

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