PayPal Migrating Billing Services to GoDaddy

How do I access my account? 

To access your account, go to and click the Forgot Password link. You'll soon receive an email with a temporary password that will allow you access to your account.


I had bookkeeping through PayPal but didn't go through the migration in time. How do I get Plus access for my account?

To get plus access, you first need to create a new password using the Forgot Password link. To upgrade, simply go to the profile page and click 'Upgrade'. You'll be redirected to GoDaddy where you'll set up an account and enter billing information.


If I didn't migrate my billing did I lose any historical information?

Nope. All of your historical information is still in tact, and can be viewed from the Income & Expense page. You just won't have visibility into reports past 13 months or advanced tax functions that come with Bookkeeping Plus.

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