PayPal Managed accounts are now moving over to GoDaddy!

If you use to access your account through PayPal, we have some great news -PayPal is transitioning management of this service to GoDaddy. Rest assured: the service will continue working as it does today, and you won’t lose any historical data or other information.


What you need to know about this transition

  • Accessing your service: Rather than accessing the service through your PayPal account, you’ll need to log in from the GoDaddy Bookkeeping website. GoDaddy will send you an invitation email containing your unique link to transition your account.  You’ll need to create a user name and password using the customized link they will provide.
  • Billing and payment: Instead of getting one bill from PayPal each month, you’ll begin receiving a monthly bill directly from GoDaddy Bookkeeping. The amount will no longer be deducted automatically from your PayPal account; instead, you’ll need to provide a credit card number to GoDaddy Bookkeeping for billing.
  • Support: GoDaddy Bookkeeping will provide ongoing support for your service. You can submit a ticket by visiting their website and clicking the Support link or by emailing us directly at
  • Canceling the service: If you would like to cancel your service before March 1, 2014, you can do so by contacting PayPal.   After March 1st, you can contact GoDaddy Bookkeeping directly.
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