Am I an Amazon Pro-Merchant?

While we at GoDaddy Bookkeeping would love to bring our easy to use and smart application to all Amazon users, we currently only support Amazon Pro-Merchant accounts.

To figure out if your Amazon account is a Pro-Merchant account, please follow the steps below:

   1. First log into your Amazon account here  

   2. Click on Your Account from the drop down menu called Your Account on the top right hand side of the screen

   3. Click on Your Seller Account on the left hand side of page

   4. Scroll down a bit towards the bottom of the screen and click on Account Info under Settings in the Site Map side bar on the bottom left hand side of the page

   5. Look at where it says Selling on Amazon, if it says Professional then you are a Pro-Merchant

If you are not a Pro-Merchant, you can still link your bank or credit card to GoDaddy Bookkeeping to track the disbursements that Amazon makes to your account, steps on how to do that are listed in this article.

Or you can manually upload a properly formatted CSV into GoDaddy Bookkeeping from Amazon. Information on how to format a CSV for uploading into our application is available in this article, and information on how to upload a properly formatted CSV into our system is available in this article.

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