Inactive Bank & CC accounts

Why does my overview page show (Inactive) next to some accounts, and why can't I see these accounts on my "Linked Accounts" page?  Accounts can become inactive when the connection is severed and cannot be reconnected. What does this mean? This means that the link which allows accounts to bring in data was broken and there was no way to re-establish this connection.  What has to be done is to create a new connection.

The (Inactive) is a solution that allows you to keep all of your historical data without having to upload manually.  This is why we have labeled these accounts as (Inactive) so that you can distinguish them from your new accounts.  The reason we do not show the account on the "Linked Accounts" page is because if we showed the account and you decided to delete it you would delete all of your historical data. 


The following FAQ should help show you what to expect once you have re-linked your account(s).


Once you have re-linked your account(s), you will notice some changes to your account.  What are they?


On the OVERVIEW page you will notice multiple accounts under the Money I Have / Money I Owe box on the left hand side of the page.  Notice that the older account(s) have (Inactive) next to them and no balance, while the new re-added account(s) will have the current account balance.




The inactive account will not show up on your Linked Accounts page.  Why?  We have done this so that the old accounts can not be deleted, because deleting an account also deletes all the data associated with it. 

Your older transactions will look as follows when you click on them in your INCOME or EXPENSES pages.











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