How to avoid duplicate income transactions from Etsy Direct Checkout

Etsy Direct Checkout transactions are available automatically in GoDaddy Bookkeeping!  In general, this is great news!  But if you've manually entered these transactions in the past, it's possible you'll end up with duplicates.  Not to worry, it's quick and easy to clear these out.  Instructions are below.  

NOTE: it's always a good idea to go to the "Income" tab and make sure you actually do have duplicates before following these steps.  Deleting transactions cannot be undone.


Manually entered transactions 

If you've manually entered transactions to keep track of these transactions they'll show up on the "Other Transactions" list.  Click this on the left side of the Overview page to view. 

Chances are you've categorized them all the same way so you can easily recognize them.  You can use this category to filter the "Other Transactions" list (dropdown list at the top of the list).

Once you identify the transactions, whether by filtering the list or not, click the "Edit Multiple" button.  Select the desired transactions and click Delete.  

*If you're worried about deleting the transactions you can select "HIDE (Duplicate or wrong income)" instead.  This way the transactions will still be in GoDaddy Bookkeeping but they won't affect your reports, taxes or profit/loss.


Imported "deposit" transactions from your bank

If you've linked your bank account to GoDaddy Bookkeeping the deposits from Etsy probably shows up as some sort of income.  In this case we suggest you change the category on these transactions to "Transfer In".  This way you can track the money moving from Etsy to your bank without double counting anything.

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