What does GoDaddy Bookkeeping do to keep my data secure?

Keeping your data in the cloud doesn't have to be a scary thing.  GoDaddy Bookkeeping has partnered with Yodlee, one of the industry's leading bank and credit card account service providers.  Yodlee adheres to some of the strictest standards in the industry, including PCI Level-1 compliance.  Here's an overview of other security and data integrity info: 



In addition, GoDaddy Bookkeeping has a very smart "read only" policy that applies to you and to any bookkeepers or accountants you authorize to view your data.   This "read only" policy simply means that you can see the data in your various accounts, but you can't withdraw money, transfer it, or even authorize it to be moved between two of your accounts.  GoDaddy Bookkeeping is a record-keeping entity, we don't mess with anybody's data! 

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