How to delete everything and start over?

Sometimes you just want to start from a fresh slate.  Understandable!  If you want to delete everything and start over, you certainly can.  

The easiest way is to first delete any importers you have attached to your account.  Click on "Linked Accounts" under the "Manage" tab and select the "Delete" option next to each one of your eCommerce and Bank and Credit Cards you've added to GoDaddy Bookkeeping.  Deleting the importer will automatically remove all of the old transactions and make the next step a lot easier.

A couple of notes about starting over:

  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping automatically "closes the books" when the tax year comes to an end on December 31.  The number beside the sun/clouds at the top of the screen is a Year-to-Date profit or loss number; it does not contain anything from last year.  It is not necessary to delete last year's data if you don't want to! 
  • Remember, once you've deleted an importer you'll lose ALL the historical data that it contains.  Even if you decide to re-add it later, you won't be able to go back as far! 

After your imported accounts are deleted, you'll want to remove any transactions that were manually entered, or those that you got into GoDaddy Bookkeeping via CSV import.  Unfortunately, the only way to delete these at this time is page by page.  Click the empty checkbox at the top of the left-hand column on your ledger under the "Expenses" tab to select all entries on the page.  Choose "Delete" at the top of the screen.  Repeat until you've gone through all the pages of data, and don't forget to repeat with any entries left underneath your "Income" tab. 

We know.  It's very tedious and definitely not the most elegant solution, but it's the best one we have for now. 

Please keep an eye on this article for news and updates!

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