Freshbooks Invoices Not Separating Sales Tax

When you link your Freshbooks account, Freshbooks will import all of your invoices. You may notice that your invoices don't separate "Sales" and "Sales Tax Collected." However, you can still find out how much Sales tax you have collected so far from Freshbooks. To do so, please follow these directions:

Log in to your Freshbooks account.

1) Once logged in, select "Reports" from the top of your screen.




2) On your Reports page click on "Tax Summary."



3) This generated report will show you your total Taxable Sales and "Sales Tax Collected" for the shown time frame. You can then use this number to submit your sales tax to the IRS.




NOTE: When you submit your collected sales tax, we highly suggest recording this in GoDaddy Bookkeeping so that your income isn't overstated. To record a payment of sales tax, please refer to this article:

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