Categorize Future Transactions With the Same Name

Do you have many uncategorized transactions in your account and don't know how to handle them all? Tired of re-categorizing transactions into the correct Category? Good news! We have a great feature that you can quickly implement to tell GoDaddy Bookkeeping to remember your changes. To tell GoDaddy Bookkeeping to categorize transactions that share the same name automatically, please follow these instructions:



  1. Find the transaction that you would like to edit and click on it to bring up the transaction details.
  2. Edit the part of the transaction that is currently incorrect. (For this example, I am editing the "Category.)
  3. After the change has been made, a yellow box describing the change will pop up. If you would like to apply this change to all future transactions with the same payee name, check the box located within the yellow box.
  4. Click "Save" to apply this change to ALL future transactions with this payee name.

Keep in mind that this will affect all transactions with the same payee name; thus, we do not suggest making this change on transactions that belong in multiple categories but have the same payee name (for example, Walmart, Target, PayPal, Amazon, etc.) Since these payee names have transactions that fall into multiple categories, telling GoDaddy Bookkeeping to make this change automatically is not suggested.


The 'Data Mappings' created using the instructions above can be managed using the instructions here -




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support HERE to submit a support request. To assist you best, please clarify in detail what you are referencing, and please incorporate the email address associated with your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account.

PLEASE NOTE: Transactions from the same Payee that come in with a tracking number or transaction ID that changes each time cannot be automatically categorized as the Payee name is different every time it is imported. For example, you cannot automatically categorize UPS Shipping transactions since they are imported with the Tracking number each time. Another good example is transactions that come through with the name "Check ####." Since these types of transactions will include the check number each time, GoDaddy Bookkeeping cannot remember this change.

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