How to split a transaction

In the event you need to split a transaction, you can do so from the INCOME or EXPENSES page, or from the account view. Read below to find out how!


1. From the OVERVIEW page:

A) Select an account from the 'Money I have' / 'Money I owe' section


B) Click on the INCOME or EXPENSES page



2. Find the transaction you'd like to split and click on it.

3. Click the 'Split' button, and an empty box will open below the entry.


4. To add additional entries, you can split the transaction further by clicking the 'Add Split' button.


5. Once the total of your multiple entries adds up to the total of the original transaction, click Save.

You can also view your split transactions from the INCOME or EXPENSES page, as well as view all entries associated with those transactions by clicking on the view transaction link in the Good To Know section. (Note: You also have the ability to split transactions further from the INCOME and EXPENSES page by clicking on the transaction, and selecting 'Split')


Splits Tip - GoDaddy Bookkeeping can calculate the amount of your split for you! Simply delete the second entry that's automatically created with the "0.00" balance in the splits modal, enter the amount of your first entry, then click 'Add Split'. GoDaddy Bookkeeping will automatically fill in the remaining balance as your second entry!

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